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Points of View

It’s Different for Women: Part 1 Thumbnail

It’s Different for Women: Part 1

As investors, women have to deal with challenges that are different from those facing most men. Unequal pay, limited employment opportunities, and glass ceilings often reduce their lifetime earnings. The demands of pregnancy and childcare, most recently evident during COVID when women sacrificed work opportunities to care for homebound children in far greater numbers than their male partners, further widen the economic gap. Womens’ healthcare costs also tend to be higher, and because of a longer life expectancy, their assets need to last longer.

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ESG: Aligning Investing with Your Values Thumbnail

ESG: Aligning Investing with Your Values

The rapid growth in ESG products makes them increasingly easier to deploy in investment portfolios. It also helps ensure that your values can be expressed in a way that helps you meet your financial goals. Along the way, these strategies are creating change and can make your money a force for good.

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