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TEDx: From Monk To Money Manager -- How monastic wisdom can help your finances

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The challenge with any TEDx talk is to have one new, good idea to share while presenting it in an entertaining and informative way. For me, the additional challenge was trying to distill my life story down to 18 minutes while using it as a parable for teaching that one new idea.

In my TEDx talk, I'll show how monastic wisdom can improve your finances by helping you heal your anxious or avoidant relationship with money.

I hope this talk is a "suffering prevention tool" that can help you dodge some of the emotional and financial pitfalls that I stumbled into and that I also see many clients struggle to climb out of.

Perhaps you know a friend or family member who might also find it helpful?

Doing a TEDx talk is never easy, and it took hundreds of hours to prepare to step on the TEDx stage. It also required generous help from friends, family, and colleagues who patiently let me rehearse before them while also offering invaluable feedback.

Special thanks go out to Richard Rohr for his Franciscan wisdom, Pete Holmes for lending his comedic flair, and Chip Conley for his stellar question that framed the entire talk. But most importantly, thanks to my darling Antoinette for her loving support and to everyone at LongView for helping make this dream a reality.

With gratitude,

Doug Lynam is a partner at LongView Asset Management in Santa Fe and a former monk. He is the author of From Monk to Money Manager: A Former Monk’s Financial Guide to Becoming A Little Bit Wealthy — And Why That’s Okay. Contact him at douglas@longviewasset.com. Photo by Diane Helentjaris on Unsplash.

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