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Overcoming financial PTSD: payment traumatic stress disorder Thumbnail

Overcoming financial PTSD: payment traumatic stress disorder

If you were in therapy with your money, what would your money say to you and what would you say to your money? If my money could talk, it would have a long list of complaints. It would say, “Doug, I often feel neglected. You are sometimes distant, avoidant and only give me your full attention when there is a major problem, or you want something from me.” My partner, Antoinette, has said the same things. No wonder my money keeps trying to break up with me. Luckily, Antoinette is more patient. The irony is that I am an investment adviser who helps manage hundreds of millions of dollars.

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It’s Different for Women - Part 1 Thumbnail

It’s Different for Women - Part 1

As investors, women have to deal with challenges that are different from those facing most men. Unequal pay, limited employment opportunities, and glass ceilings often reduce their lifetime earnings. The demands of pregnancy and childcare, most recently evident during COVID when women sacrificed work opportunities to care for homebound children in far greater numbers than their male partners, further widen the economic gap. Womens’ healthcare costs also tend to be higher, and because of a longer life expectancy, their assets need to last longer.

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A Guide to Personal Finance for Teachers Thumbnail

A Guide to Personal Finance for Teachers

Teachers of all levels play a critical role in our communities, teaching and inspiring our future leaders and professionals. While teaching can be incredibly gratifying, being a teacher comes with financial challenges such as purchasing classroom supplies from their own budget.

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Embracing ESG TDFs Thumbnail

Embracing ESG TDFs

Many plan sponsors fear being a trendsetter, but United World College-USA is proud of using ESG investing themes in its custom target-date QDIA, built with TIAA and LongView Asset Management, and offering a guaranteed retirement income solution.

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 Living From Happiness Thumbnail

Living From Happiness

Doug Lynam, author of the popular book, "From Monk to Money Manager: A Former Monk's Guide to Becoming a Little Bit Wealthy -- and Why That's OK", is back for another lively show about your finances.

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