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Sustainable Asset Management

Customized Solutions For Your Organization

Our mission is to help your institution achieve it’s financial goals while aligning it’s investments with its values.

401K & 403b retirement plans Santa Fe, New Mexico LongView Asset Management

401k & 403b Retirement Plans

The key to a great retirement plan is simplicity. We help cut through the confusion that is endemic in retirement plans by providing easy to use default options for every key decision an employee needs to make. This prevents decision paralysis that can result in poor outcomes for inexperienced investors.

Employees need, and want, helpful guidance. By also offering one-on-one advice to each employee we help ensure they are on track, and stay on track, to a secure retirement.

Unlike many plan advisors, LongView is a fiduciary, meaning we are legally bound to act in our clients’ best interests, always. We offer rigorous plan design and fund selection, proactive participant counseling, ongoing monitoring of investments, and accountability to our clients.

LongView’s retirement plans are rooted in time-tested investment science. We use funds with strong track records, competitive costs, and a proven history of superior returns. Addressing climate change and building a more just and sustainable global economy are essential elements of our investment approach. We built the first environmentally sustainable default investment option for any 403b retirement plan.

Foundations & Endowments

LongView has extensive expertise in helping endowments, foundations, and charitable organizations achieve their financial goals, while aligning their portfolios with their mission.

LongView helps non-profit boards develop socially responsible investment strategies while fulfilling their fiduciary responsibilities.

Foundations and Endowments Santa Fe, New Mexico LongView Asset Management