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Sustainable Wealth Management

Individuals, Families, & Trusts

A fact-based approach shaped by research & experience

Our mission is to help you achieve your financial goals while aligning your investments with your values. You may be questioning whether your money will last or how your lifestyle will change in retirement. Maybe you want to build wealth while addressing social issues, without sacrificing potential returns. No matter your concerns, we’ll develop personalized solutions to help resolve them. From budgeting to estate planning, we are here to guide you on your financial journey.

Portfolio Management

A customized investment strategy begins with a needs analysis and a rigorous risk tolerance assessment.

At LongView, we consider your tax sensitivity, time horizon and financial goals when creating your investment portfolio. These elements help us determine the proper asset allocation and inform our security selection. You'll benefit from personalized, diversified portfolios that reflect your specific needs.

We monitor and rebalance portfolios on a regular basis. We will also make tactical adjustments based on our own assessment of investment opportunities, under or overvalued asset classes and potential risks.

Financial Planning Santa Fe, New Mexico LongView Asset Management

Financial Planning

A financial plan can serve as a personal road map. If you wish to use this service we will develop a plan based on your individual needs, objectives and aspirations at no extra cost.

We begin with a detailed questionnaire followed by an in-depth discussion of your financial situation. Using this information, we create a customized plan that addresses your specific concerns, taking into consideration your income, assets, liabilities, spending habits and time horizon. Your financial plan can include issues like retirement goals, tax considerations, and estate planning.

Over subsequent years your plan serves as a benchmark to monitor progress towards your goals, a sounding board in important financial decisions and a guide to allocating your investment portfolio. As your needs and circumstances change, we will make adjustments to the plan as necessary.