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Points of View

The Invisible Work of Women Thumbnail

The Invisible Work of Women

Last weekend my wife and I hosted a dinner for another married couple and their two young boys. For me, it's the holy grail of family friendships because all the sub-groups get along great: Our kids are buddies, our wives are longtime pals, and the husband and I enjoy each other's company.

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2023 First Quarter Review and Outlook Thumbnail

2023 First Quarter Review and Outlook

The first quarter of 2023 generated positive returns for both stock and bond investors despite turmoil in the banking sector and the failures of Credit Suisse, Silicon Valley Bank, and Signature Bank. Inflation has drifted lower and the Federal Reserve has begun to tone down its hawkish language, suggesting an easing of monetary tightening with fewer and smaller interest rate hikes in the future. Corporate profits have remained strong, and the employment market has been surprisingly robust in the face of a gradually slowing economy.

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It’s Voting Season for Investors Thumbnail

It’s Voting Season for Investors

Proxy season is the time of year when companies hold meetings to elect new board members, approve executive pay, and address the concerns of shareholders. For investors who care about the social and environmental impacts of their investments, this is an opportunity to influence company behavior for the better.

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Reflections on 2022 Thumbnail

Reflections on 2022

As we move into what is already a very eventful new year, we wanted to take a moment to look back and reflect on the positive things that happened for LongView in 2022.

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Financial Empowerment Series: Webinar #1 Thumbnail

Financial Empowerment Series: Webinar #1

Last week personal finance coach Bridget Jones shared her insights on the topic as the guest host for the first webinar in LongView's 2023 series on financial empowerment. Last week's webinar, "Cultivating a Positive Money Mindset - Moving From Fear to Freedom," was all about how to overcome our limiting beliefs and identify inherited family patterns around how we approach money issues.

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2022 Fourth Quarter Review and Outlook Thumbnail

2022 Fourth Quarter Review and Outlook

December 2022 marked 20 years since LongView was founded. During these two decades, we have weathered many historic challenges together. Through all these ups and downs, we have strived to maintain a steady hand, preserving and growing our clients’ portfolios by adhering to fundamental investment principles and keeping our eye on your long-term goals.

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Doug's TEDx Hits 60,000 Views Thumbnail

Doug's TEDx Hits 60,000 Views

When I presented my TEDx talk last year on How Monastic Wisdom Can Improve Your Finances, I hoped it would reach a large audience and could help a lot of people. I'm thrilled to report that it reached 60,000 views this month. In November, some wild card of internet search algorithms caused the views to spike to over 60k hits, and still growing.

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