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Points of View

The Motherhood Wage Penalty Thumbnail

The Motherhood Wage Penalty

Women and primary caregivers typically face a wage penalty of five to 10% per child, and the median annual earnings of full-time working moms are about 30% less than that of fathers. This can translate into over a million dollars in lost wages over a lifetime.

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Don’t Panic Thumbnail

Don’t Panic

What should you do with your investments during this period of high volatility, when fear and anxiety are in the air? Do what every seasoned investor instinctively knows: don’t try to time the markets.

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Thoughts on Financial Markets and the War in Ukraine Thumbnail

Thoughts on Financial Markets and the War in Ukraine

Like most of you, we are watching the unfolding catastrophe in Ukraine with deep concern. However, while there will be ongoing geopolitical repercussions from the conflict, the US is likely to be far less affected. Here's our founder's take on the crisis and the stock market response.

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Let's Fix PERA Thumbnail

Let's Fix PERA

Concerns raised in the NM Roundhouse suggest that the pension system for our public servants may be at risk because many of the people on the board of the Public Employee Retirement Association of New Mexico (PERA) don’t have the experience necessary to fulfill their responsibilities. PERA is in charge of an $18 billion trust fund that includes the retirement money of nearly 100,000 public employees.

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2021 Fourth Quarter Outlook and Review Thumbnail

2021 Fourth Quarter Outlook and Review

For a year that began with the storming of the US Capitol and a worsening supply chain crisis, then proceeded through a series of devastating natural disasters, and ended with soaring inflation and a dramatic surge in COVID cases, 2021 was remarkably generous to investors.

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Financial News from COP26 Thumbnail

Financial News from COP26

ESG finance is finally entering the mainstream. This became crystal clear at COP26 when a group of financial institutions representing $130 trillion pledged to use its assets to decarbonize the economy.

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