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Points of View

Pay Yourself First Thumbnail

Pay Yourself First

Which bill do you hate the most? The credit card? The rent or mortgage? Are there any bills you like to pay? If you are normal and sane, you probably hate all your bills. But I’d like to challenge that. If you are financially wise, you’ll learn to love the first bill you pay each month. The trick is to pick the right place to start: with paying yourself.

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The Beauty of Insurance Thumbnail

The Beauty of Insurance

Discussing insurance is like being forced to watch a corporate PowerPoint presentation about the benefits of rice cakes—over a slow internet connection. Did any kid ever dream of growing up to be an insurance adjuster? Nonetheless, insurance is the bedrock of becoming wealthy. Without it, your financial house is built on sand and can crumble anytime.

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Invest In Education Thumbnail

Invest In Education

Here is a secret: most of the world’s wealth isn’t in banks or the stock market. It is inside our brains. The greatest source of wealth in any economy is the intellectual capital of its people. Intellectual capital is the sum of all your talents and skills inside your head. It includes the ability to read, write, complete a crossword puzzle, cook a meal, make friends, kiss like Casanova, solve a business problem, and so on.

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2023 Third Quarter Review and Outlook Thumbnail

2023 Third Quarter Review and Outlook

The third quarter proved challenging for investors, as a tug of war emerged between the economy’s surprising resilience and the Federal Reserve’s determined campaign to lower inflation. While bond markets continue to slump in response to rising interest rates, surging investor interest in artificial intelligence drove soaring returns for the largest tech stocks.

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Before You Say "I DO" Thumbnail

Before You Say "I DO"

Money is the leading cause of stress in relationships and a primary cause of divorce. I’m living this truth as I am currently separate from my long-term partner. I’ll spare you the details of my breakup, but when selecting our romantic partners, we base our decisions on numerous criteria, but financial compatibility is rarely one of them.

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Becoming Wealthy Is About Living Below Your Means Thumbnail

Becoming Wealthy Is About Living Below Your Means

Many people dream of becoming wealthy, but they don’t think carefully about what that really means. They incorrectly assume that being wealthy means having a large income. How much money you make is meaningless. It’s how much money you keep that matters. Rich people make lots of money. Wealthy people save lots of money. Which would you rather be?

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The Dark Side of Capitalism Thumbnail

The Dark Side of Capitalism

Companies are designed to make money—that is their purpose for existence. They typically make money by offering a good or service that others find valuable, creating a win-win transaction. They solve a problem or fill a need, and we give them our money in exchange. Despite the benefits of a free market, not every business solves a problem well, and just like people, they can create more problems than they solve.

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2023 Second Quarter Review & Outlook Thumbnail

2023 Second Quarter Review & Outlook

During the first half of 2023 financial markets defied the chorus of forecasters who anticipated that crippling interest rates would soon lead to earnings declines, recession, and investment losses. Overall, investors enjoyed better than usual returns despite relentlessly negative media headlines.

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The Invisible Work of Women Thumbnail

The Invisible Work of Women

Last weekend my wife and I hosted a dinner for another married couple and their two young boys. For me, it's the holy grail of family friendships because all the sub-groups get along great: Our kids are buddies, our wives are longtime pals, and the husband and I enjoy each other's company.

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