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Points of View

How To Transform Your Money Trauma Thumbnail

How To Transform Your Money Trauma

In addition to poor financial literacy, I’m convinced that many bad money habits and unhealthy financial decisions originate from unprocessed trauma. As a result, most self-help books on finance are stuffed with useful information yet fail to produce the lifestyle transformations needed to build wealth or use it productively.

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The Pope and the Pauper Thumbnail

The Pope and the Pauper

Last week I accompanied my friend Rev. Richard Rohr to meet Pope Francis at the Vatican. The meeting between these two men—one a Catholic theologian known for confronting the social justice issues of our time while living in poverty in Albuquerque, the other surrounded by wealth and luxury while using the power and influence of his position in service of a more inclusive Catholic Church— showed me you don’t have to choose between wealth or poverty to develop a rich and meaningful spiritual practice. The only choice is to be kind and loving, regardless of your income.

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The Motherhood Wage Penalty Thumbnail

The Motherhood Wage Penalty

Women and primary caregivers typically face a wage penalty of five to 10% per child, and the median annual earnings of full-time working moms are about 30% less than that of fathers. This can translate into over a million dollars in lost wages over a lifetime.

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Don’t Panic Thumbnail

Don’t Panic

What should you do with your investments during this period of high volatility, when fear and anxiety are in the air? Do what every seasoned investor instinctively knows: don’t try to time the markets.

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Let's Fix PERA Thumbnail

Let's Fix PERA

Concerns raised in the NM Roundhouse suggest that the pension system for our public servants may be at risk because many of the people on the board of the Public Employee Retirement Association of New Mexico (PERA) don’t have the experience necessary to fulfill their responsibilities. PERA is in charge of an $18 billion trust fund that includes the retirement money of nearly 100,000 public employees.

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Marine - Monk - Money Manager Thumbnail

Marine - Monk - Money Manager

Hear a former monk's perspective on how Judeo-Christian traditions unexpectedly influence our attitudes toward money. LongView partner, Doug Lynam, shares his insights on the TV history show Clio The Muse.

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The Day of You're Dead Thumbnail

The Day of You're Dead

Lots of folks around me have been dying lately. Unfortunately, a few of those folks didn’t plan for the day of their inevitable demise. They didn’t have an estate plan, which is creating untold hardship for the people they left behind. You, me and everyone we know are going to die. And if you don’t get your house in order ahead of time, you’ll create needless suffering for the people you love.

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Doug Lynam Commencement Speech, Santa Fe Waldorf School Thumbnail

Doug Lynam Commencement Speech, Santa Fe Waldorf School

Doug Lynam delivers a powerful graduation speech for the Santa Fe Waldorf School class of 2021. It summarizes some of the key lessons he learned in his journey from Marine, to monk, to money manager on how to bring more truth, love, and goodness into the world. We're biased, but we think it's pretty darn good. Please check it out and pass it along if you agree.

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