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Points of View

2022 Third Quarter Review and Outlook Thumbnail

2022 Third Quarter Review and Outlook

Global markets have left investors with few places to hide in 2022. Stubbornly high inflation has sparked the most aggressive interest rate increases by central banks in decades, contributing to concerns about recession. Nevertheless, we encourage you to hold tight, knowing that things will get better, that much of the downturn is already behind us, and that bear markets do not last forever.

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How To Transform Your Money Trauma Thumbnail

How To Transform Your Money Trauma

In addition to poor financial literacy, I’m convinced that many bad money habits and unhealthy financial decisions originate from unprocessed trauma. As a result, most self-help books on finance are stuffed with useful information yet fail to produce the lifestyle transformations needed to build wealth or use it productively.

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The Pope and the Pauper Thumbnail

The Pope and the Pauper

Last week I accompanied my friend Rev. Richard Rohr to meet Pope Francis at the Vatican. The meeting between these two men—one a Catholic theologian known for confronting the social justice issues of our time while living in poverty in Albuquerque, the other surrounded by wealth and luxury while using the power and influence of his position in service of a more inclusive Catholic Church— showed me you don’t have to choose between wealth or poverty to develop a rich and meaningful spiritual practice. The only choice is to be kind and loving, regardless of your income.

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2022 Second Quarter Review and Outlook Thumbnail

2022 Second Quarter Review and Outlook

So far 2022 has presented the most challenging environment since the financial crisis of 2007-2009, and markets could fall further from here. Nevertheless, the bear market in stocks and bonds has brought prices down to levels that are beginning to attract the interest of long-term investors. We believe the coming year will offer a host of opportunities for investors who aren’t derailed by volatility and who remain committed to their long-term investment plans.

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2022 First Quarter Review and Outlook Thumbnail

2022 First Quarter Review and Outlook

Financial markets saw a widespread increase in volatility during the quarter, with large daily price swings. Although the global economy continues to rebound from the pandemic-induced recession, early indicators suggest that ongoing supply problems, inflation, and central bank tightening, are hampering the pace of recovery.

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The Motherhood Wage Penalty Thumbnail

The Motherhood Wage Penalty

Women and primary caregivers typically face a wage penalty of five to 10% per child, and the median annual earnings of full-time working moms are about 30% less than that of fathers. This can translate into over a million dollars in lost wages over a lifetime.

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